I’m an American portrait and fashion photographer, but I moved to Italy, a few years ago, and am currently based in Milan. 

I grew up in New York and still go back there, often.  I worked as a filmmaker and journalist before becoming a photographer, and I still do some of those things, too.

What I believe sets my work apart is my expertise in lighting, my ability to connect with my subjects, and the naturalness and sincerity of the work that results.  I take pride in the fact that even my most constructed images, whether on location or in the studio, always feel real and contextual in the end.  I work to create not just photographs, but moments. 

When I decided I wanted to become a photographer, I had the good fortune to get on as an assistant with both Craig McDean and Michelangelo di Battista, two of the finest photographers working, today. Bruce Weber’s work has also done much to shape the way I approach my own.

My photos have appeared in Glamour, GQ, Rolling Stone and the New York Times.